Contribute to the last discussion on Urban Resilience and Transition

During the last Resilience conference “Resilience and Development: Mobilizing for Transformation”, held in Montpellier, France (May 4-8), a debate about urban resilience and transition was launched in order to bring urban resilience framework forward. Prof. Thomas Elmqvist and Prof. Stephan Barthel (from Stockholm Resilience Centre) jointly with Dr. Niki Frantzeskaki (Dutch Research Institute For Transitions) and Dr. Lorenzo Chelleri (Gran Sasso Science Institute) coordinated a session titled “transformative capacities, resilience and sustainability – challenges and opportunities in urban development”.

The assumption that resilience needs to be driven toward sustainability, equity and through transformative change has been highlighted from different scholars, highlighting the tensions and differences between adaptation and transformation (see Pelling 2010, or Redman 2014). Thoughtful interventions by Dr. Haase (Humboldt University), Dr. Baró (UAB Barcelona University), Dr. Gomez-Baggethun (Oxford University), Dr. Andersson (Stockholm Resilience Centre), Prof McPhearson (New York New School), Prof Tidball (Princeton University), Dr. Collier (Trinity College Dublin) and Dr. Henfrey (Schumacher Institute) underlined meanings, interpretations, spatial and temporal scales influences and behavioral aspects embedded within such discussion.

An email address was created in order to allow any interested researcher to contribute to this discussion. Write us at urbanresilienceforward[ at] and tell us your point of view about how such tensions between the resilience or transformative perspectives influence urban development!