Urban Resilience Research Network is an international research community with interests in understanding, exploring and broadening multidisciplinary perspectives on urban resilience


  • Four PhD students from very different backgrounds, institutes and countries found themselves debating during the International Resilience Conference (Arizona University, March 2011) on why they had a so different perspective about urban resilience.

    Few months later one of them proposed to organize an international workshop in order to address meanings and perspectives of resilience thinking applied to urban systems in order to set a common research framework. In November 2011, they held the First International Workshop on Urban Resilience in Barcelona, and based on its success they edited a book and stated to set up a network of researchers interested in this discussion.

    In 2012 the first book titledMultidisciplinary Perspectives on Urban Resilience was published launching also the blog of the Urban Resilience Research Network.

    Thanks to more than 5k downloads of their book only during the first year, and the increasing number of their mailing list members from all around the globe, in 2016 a new website of the Urban Resilience Research Network has been launched and contributions from top scholars are now offering critical perspectives driving researchers in dealing with urban resilience most challenging and recent issues.

    However, we would like to think that this is only the beginning. You’re welcome on board contributing to our blog and to urban resilience research advances.



  • The aim of this network is to support researchers (of any kind, with different concerns) in dealing with the complexity of framing and operationalising urban resilience, avoiding its mainstreaming metaphorical use.

    Originally rooted in ecology, engineering or social sciences, resilience has never had a clear meaning when referring to urban systems. Failing to address social justice, sustainability and broader or integrated perspectives, urban resilience research has been recently contested. The mission of this network is to offer a refreshed and multidisciplinary set of perspectives on urban resilience, in order to identify challenging and necessary research questions that can help to address the gaps and needs of this research area with the final aim to support cities in their quest towards more sustainable, safe and inclusive pathways.

    This website and the associated mailing list is the tool that we provide to make this happen