The board of our community is made up of researchers coming form different universities but with a shared interest in broadening the multidisciplinary understanding and operationalisation of Urban Resilience.

Executive Board

Lorenzo Chelleri.  /  Chair

 Lecturer at International University of CataloniaEmail: lchelleri[AT]


Lorenzo is a multidisciplinary researcher (urban planner, MSc in environmental policies, Ph.D. in urban geography) currently appointed as Postdoctoral Research Fellow at GSSI Cities. After having worked for the European Environment Agency (EEA), and being involved in different European Projects on coastal and urban climate resilience he co-founded UR-Net and OURS CITIES networks. His main research interests are framed around the interplay between resilience and sustainability, addressing what he calls “urban resilience trade-offs”


Luis Berraquero-Díaz. / Co-Chair

Social and Participatory Action Research Group, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla (Spain). Email: luisberraquero[AT]

Luis is PhD student at Pablo de Olavide University. Has a background on social and environmental applied sciences (MSc – UPO) and sustainability sciences to manage the global change (MSc – UNIA). He uses the anthropological, the political ecology and resilience trade-offs perspective to analyse urban infrastructures, sustainable solutions, grassroots and social movements, tourism, and gentrification processes.  Member of the Environmental Anthropology Network. Currently working as a Mobilisation coordinator at Greenpeace Spain.


Sara Meerow / Co-Chair

Sara Meerow is an assistant professor in the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning at Arizona State University (USA). Her work focuses on both the theory and practice of urban resilience. She has published on the contested meanings and politics of resilience and its empirical application in the context of urban green infrastructure and climate change adaptation planning.